Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Joe That Never Was

A few weeks ago, there was a convention in GA for GI JOE collectors and one of the exclusive items there was a figure of my all time favorite wrestler, Rowdy Roddy Piper. This got me thinking about something.

Now, real life people have appeared as JOE characters before. First there was William "The Refrigerator" Perry, hot off the heels of the 1985 Superbowl champion Chicago Bears. Available as a special premium by mail with tickets obtained in specially marked figures, this 3 3/4 inch figure was set for action, complete with his own weapon, a spiked football on a chain.

Not really seeing a connection to a mobile strike force in a player best known for doing the Superbowl Shuffle, the Joes next celebrity was tailor made for the military theme. Professional wrestler, Sgt. Slaughter. Once again, Hasbro had the figure availabloe with the mail in premiums, but unlike Perry, Sgt. Slaughter was actually used in the comic book and cartoons of the day earning his second figure and a vehicle (The ultra cool Triple T tank), not to mention his own squad in Slaughter's Marauders. Slaughter served as a valuable asset to Hasbro as a spokesman and character. But there was one celebrity that got away from them.

In GI Joe Yearbook, they were listing the new characters for the year. The very last page had a drawing of a man in sweatpants and boxing gloves. For all intents and purposes, GI JOE'S newest trainer was going to be...


But hold on, why wasn't there ever a Rocky figure? They made his arch enemy in Big Boa (I can smell a evil twin storyline coming on) and he was released, where was Rocky? The next year we would find out.

The disclaimer read "Rocky Balboa is not and has never been a member of the GI JOE team". What? They had just shown him, they made his COBRA equivellant, what happened?

It seems that Hasbro and Sly Stallone were ironing out the rights to the agreement and Hasbro was so sure it was a done deal, they gave all the information to Marvel Comics in time for the Yearbook. Marvel Published it, got hopes up and then..

Then it turns out that the deal between Hasbro and Stallone fell through because of the Rambo animated series. Remco came to Stallone with a better deal for his likeness for use on their toys, so the Hasbro deal never went through.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Worst Halloween EVER!

There was a time you could count on two things in October, AMC's Month Long Monsterfest and CBS showing It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. There's still three days left in October, so there's time for CBS to show the annual Peanuts Ode to All Hallows Eve, but AMC has disappointed me immensely.

One month a year, that's all horror fans ask. One month a year to turn on the TV and find something on the tube to give us our horror fix. Sure Mr. and Mrs. America might be dying for another showing of A Few Good Men, but come on, it's October. We should be seeing Legosi, Chaney, Karloff, Englund and the rest of our favorite horror stars.

This year AMC went from their 31 days of horror to 13. OK, still not bad but when you look at the replay schedule it get's really bad. I swear I've seen the original Halloween (my least favorite slasher flick ever) on TV five times since they've started this abbreviated Monsterfest. That's not even counting their promised Halloween marathon on Wednsday. I'm sure they have more horror films in their library, why not show them?

Maybe I've been spoiled by the availability of horror movies on DVD. Maybe the world has changed to a point where real horror involving war, terrorism and crime have taken the place of Dracula, The Wolfman and Freddy. Still, I can't help but feel that this year is missing something.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

One More Delay, Messiah Complex and Justice Like Thunder!

What was supposed to be a short, one month series that drastically changed the life of Spider-Man has turned into what is now a three to four month arc for unkown reasons.

The series, written by J. Michael Stracynski with art by Marvel Comics EIC Joe Quesada, has been hyped for months including adding the One More Day logo to the corner of every Marvel Comic that was released in August. Following Back In Black, One More Day was to change Spidey's life forever, making many of the internet community to feel that the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane-Watson that occurred 20 years ago in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 21 and that has been called one of the "genies in the bottle I wish I could put back in" by Quesada would be retconned by Marvel as to have never happened. Whether this is true or not, the series has been pushed back by at least two months now leading some to think it's either because of a rewrite on the book ( has pages of protests about the retcon on their message boards) or simply because of the lateness of Quesada's artwork.

If it is a rewrite (very unlikely as it is), that would be a good thing, showing that they actually do listen to the readers. My money, however, is on Joe Q's art. He has never been known for his speed at drawing even back during his days of doing his own book ASH. Add to that his duties as Marvel EIC and you could smell the delays coming a mile off. I understand the fact that he wants to do the last story from one of the most controversial Spider-Man writers of all time (See The Other and Sins Past for reasons why) in JMS, but he should have known that the workload would be too much for him. If this was a mini series or throwaway story it would be different, but this is affecting nt only the core group of books sor a character, it is affecting the publishing plans of the company, which after this story were to stop publishing Spectacular Spider-man and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and replace them by publishing Amazing Spider-Man three times a month.

On another note, the next X-Men storyline Messiah Complex is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Namely, getting me excited about X-Men, something that hasn't happened since the early ninties. I actually picked up this weeks issue of X-Men (204) just to get aqquainted with the characters since I haven't read an issue since before the turn of the century. I added all the X-titles to my pull list and hope that the series comes out as good as it seems to be able to be.

Finally, the best three bucks a month you can spend at the comic shop would be Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts. Since Civil War, this series has been the most consistently enjoyable read other than Brubakers Captain America.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Civil War

I'm back...(not that anyone reads this)

Since my hiatus from the Pit, I've been rediscovering my love of illustrated sequential novels, better known as Comic Books. It's been three years since I bought an issue of Spider-Man or the Avengers and I had no idea what to expect. I had heard about Marvel's Civil War series of books, which is their allegory to the way America has handled the War on Terror and the subsequent Patriot Act. While it was well done in some aspects, other parts of it seemed to be thrown together (sort of like the Patriot Act and War on Terror).

However, the big shock of the series was the killing off of Captain America after his arrest at the end of Civil War. I can understand that you want to do something shocking to get the readers attention, but in today's environment do you really want to kill off the symbol of what the country stands for? Just a thought.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ghost to Ghost of His Former Self

At one point, Art Bell was synonimus with esoteric radio. I remember reading books and people would refer to shows using him as the measuring stick. He was awarded the Lifetime Acheivement Award, which he deserved. However, I think he forgot that they ususally give those out to people who need to call it quits before they ruin their legacy.

Art Bell has ruined his legacy and has now, in my eyes, become just another huckster. A shill for the global warming crowd. Every interview he has done since his return with new wife in tow has referred to his views on global warming.

It's not just the global warming crap, it's his entire "holier than thou" attitude he has had. He is disinterested in the guests, rude to the callers and generally boring to listen to. When a caller gets on the line, no matter what, his first words to them are not a greeting, but a "turn your radio down", he sounds like an old man telling the dirty hippies to turn down that rock and roll.

Art had his moment in the sun. He has hit his share of homeruns for the team. He's had his game winning hits. Now, he seems like a player on his last legs, trying to compete with the younger generation and striking out every at bat. It's time for Art to go, before he ends up making all his fans feel as much anger towards him as I do.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meds: 1, Me: 0

So after deciding I needed to go to the doctor and get something done for my ear infection, I gave his office a call. My doctor is a really good guy and just by listening to the symptoms over the phone he had enough samples of the antibiotic that he was going to prescibe to me waiting for me at the nurses desk. This helps me out a lot since I am on disability from a stroke I suffered and don't have any insurance. So not only was my medication free, I wasn't charged for an office visit.

I get my meds delivered to me by my mom who volunteered to go and pick them up and read the directions. One pill, four times a day. Ok, no problem there. So I take the first pill when I got them and promptly zonked out. My mom woke me up about 10 pm to make sure i take another one. I do and the same thing happens, I fall fast asleep. This same senerio repeats itself up until about three hours prior to me writing this. And the only reason I haven't dozed off yet is I haven't taken one since I woke up. (Which I will as soon as I finish this up)

I had forgotten how antibiotics affect me. Whereas most people take them and nothing happens, I am knocked out by them. I always have reacted this way to them, I don't know why, but it happens. Strangely, when a medication says "May cause drowziness", I am up for days after taking it. Maybe my body chemistry is out of whack or maybe it's a psychosomatic response. Who knows?

But, I know that I basically have lost two days over it, but it's worth it not to have that pain inside my ear canal and my jaw. I'll oly get a few hours of sleep since I want to wake up and put my nieces wagon together for her birthday today.

Her nana and papa (my mom and dad) got her a little red wagon and a swimming pool for her birthday. I got her one of those kiddie push cars that have all the electronic sounds like a horn and sirens and other stuff on it and a DVD of "Monster House" (I figure I can watch that one with her). Her party is going to be tomorrow afternoon since her mom has to work on her birthday (she works in a hospital so it's hard to take off), but being the traditionalist, I decided we will give her her presents today on her birthday.

I lost a few days over this stupid ear infection, but at least now I can actually take her outside and play with her with her new stuff. So i guess it worked out for the best. First birthday's only happen once and I want it to be special for her.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Quick Thoughts

Seeing as how I have an ear infection that's driving me crazy, with the pain travelling from my ear all the way through the entire left side of my jaw, this is just going to be a quick update that has pretty much nothing to do with my normal "out there" posts. I have a doozy planned for tomorrow. Anyway, here we go.

1. Wow. All I can say is Wow, do my Cardinals suck this year! I can't remember a time when a defending World Series Championship team was this bad. I still say that they need to get rid of Larussa, but I've been saying that for years now. With Rolen hitting less than I could, it's time to give Spezio some starts at third base. Walt Jocketty needs to start getting some players during the offseason instead of letting your starters go and signing nobody to replace them. Really the only big deal he has made was getting McGwire in 1997.

2. "Hostel" is my pick for worst movie ever made. Although to be fair, I've never seen Gigli or From Justin to Kelly.

3. Am I the only person alive who isn't interested in seeing or hasn't seen Borat?

4. Larry King looks like the old Tootsiepop Owl from the commercials.

5. To the writers of the WWE: We get it, John Cena can't be stopped. He is the alpha-male. He is Superman without a cape. It's time to let him lose the belt. Or at least get rid of that God awful spinner belt.

6. Coast to Coast AM needs to have JC call in every episode. He is the best thing that the show has going for it lately. Also, Art Bell, we understand the world will burn up because of global warming. Talk about something else for a change.